The Three Most Important Skills Of A Designer

Creative skills you need to be successful, but probably don't realise!
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The Three Most Important Skills Of A Designer
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Skills you need but probably ignore

One of my favourite web design gurus, Dev Tips (AKA Travis Neilson), posted a video a while back now, but the concepts still absolutely stay true in today's hectic digital age.

Usually, Travis focusses on webdesign ideas and techniques, but this video applies to any creative person who is engaged in creative work.

Travis covers concepts such as:

  • How to understand your clients exchange experiences and feelings with them
  • How to think more about your end users, what's important to them and why
  • Why unimportant things distract us from our real goals
  • Understand the history behind trends and when to ignore them
  • Why communication is the key to what we do
  • Why empathetic communication is such a powerful tool
  • ..and a bunch more!

But hey, I think Travis does a good enough job on his own, so check this out!

(Oh and he's a smooth talker, so this might just bring some chill to your busy day)


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