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Sean Marsh script logo

Hi, I'm Sean Marsh

I'm a digital designer.

I make stuff that works.

Companies I've solved problems for

Hey, I'm Marshy.

I love solving big problems for small businesses

Being successful in design requires so much more than just pretty pictures and on-trend logos.

My work focuses on business outcomes like increasing customer retention, improving profitability, boosting brand exposure and ensuring the long term success of every project I work on.

One Simple Way To Organise Your Life!

Creative work isn't always structured and predictable. Enter Milanote.

Design & Marketing

Tesla Increases Battery Capacity for Drivers Escaping Irma

Tesla is updating a piece of firmware that offers a boost to customers in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Social & Eco

The Three Most Important Skills Of A Designer

Creative skills you need to be successful, but probably don't realise!

Design & Marketing

What your business can learn from this yoga app's mistakes

The financial & reputational damage of not considering your customers


How to (properly) save images for the web

High quality images, low file size!

Design & Marketing

Prevent climate change in 4 easy steps

How? Well, money talks when your cash walks.

Social & Eco

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I might just be the Strategic Creative your business needs.

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