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Hey, I'm Seán Marsh

an ethical business designer & Strategist

I solve problems for purpose-driven organisations.

I was only 10 years old when I realised the critical importance of protecting our environment.

Walking the foreshore with my family, I noticed holes had been drilled into trees lining the beachfront. (That's me in the Billabong cap)

The following week we were on the front cover of our local paper, heralded as uncovering a plot to poison 120 year old eucalypts, blocking the beach views of new apartments.

This was a defining moment for me; it’s shaped who I am today.

Fast forward two and a half decades later and I’m still standing up for what matters.

I’ve made a career that disproves the myth you can't make a living as a do-gooder.

what i do

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Organisations I've worked with

If my life was a Venn diagram, it'd be equal parts creativity, sustainability and compassion.

My career disproves the myth that you can't make a living as a do-gooder.

Over the past few years, my creative work has contributed to the divestment of many millions of dollars out of fossil fuels and back into renewable energy and ethical companies. It’s my proudest achievement.

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